Safia Athar is a creativity addict who loves painting, illustrating, designing, reading, writing, sewing, embroidery, baking, travelling and exploring –– her life is a journey of growth and development. She can often be found enrolled on one creative course or the other; engrossed in reflection and study; playing with her paints; and churning out ideas faster than she knows what to do with them. 


During the Islamic Golden Age, artisans often signed off their work with the Quranic verse "wa ma taufeeqi illa billah" (which translates to "And there is no success except by God") instead of their own name. This was a gesture of humility –– to acknowledge that all skill, talent and creativity comes from the Ultimate Creator, and that artists are merely the channel through which such creativity flows. Safia wishes to carry on this tradition of giving credit where credit is due, and her signature is a reflection of that practice.